Partners & labels

QUALITÉ TOURISME is a brand created by the Ministry of Tourism. Professionals who display this mark implement the most rigorous quality approach and are regularly subject to independent control of their services. The Jules Verne Museum was awarded the label in 2014, and it has been renewed for 2017 and 2022.


logo-loire-atlantique-developpement-tourisme-297x115.jpgLOIRE ATLANTIQUE DEVELOPPEMENT is promoting a range of family-friendly activities at a number of sites in Loire-Atlantique. Museums, châteaux, places to visit and animal parks offer fun discoveries that are sure to surprise young and old alike.



LE VOYAGE A NANTES is a summer event with which the Jules Verne Museum is associated, with an exhibition that offers a new and ever curious look at the city.


logo_maison_ecrivains-115px.jpgTHE FEDERATION DES MAISONS D'ECRIVAINS (FEDERATION OF WRITERS' HOMES) brings together all literary sites and heritage: writers' houses, biographical, art or history museums that hold literary collections, libraries and study or research centres that hold literary documentation or archives.