20.000 places : the app that maps Jules Verne


A unique mapping tool to list the places around the world that pay tribute to Jules Verne!


The "20.000 places" mapping application is an interactive, collaborative tool that shows the international scope of the writer from Nantes through more than 1,700 references, and soon many more thanks to the community of users.

Streets, squares, cafés, schools, statues, parks, shops... The name of Jules Verne, his works and his characters can be found all over the world. This interactive map is a tool for referencing these places of memory.

Through the 1,700 places listed at the time of its launch, this map makes the international dimension of Jules Verne's cultural heritage "visible". From the United States to Japan, via Argentina, South Africa, Russia and Spain, tributes are everywhere. In France, and particularly in Nantes, his birthplace, the references are particularly numerous: the rue Phileas Fogg, the lycée Jules Verne, his birthplace in Feydeau, the Jardin extraordinaire and the statue of Captain Nemo are just a few examples.

A collaborative tool

More than just a consultation tool, this map allows anyone to suggest a change or add a reference with a simple click, providing a minimum of information and in an anonymous way. The process is made all the easier by the fact that the application can be accessed from a smartphone, making it easy to add photos.

Are you crossing a Jules Verne street or strolling through a Nautilus bookshop while on holiday at the end of the world? Help add to the application by sharing your discoveries!