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QUALITÉ TOURISME™ is a brand created by the Ministry in charge of Tourism. The professionals exposing this brand undertake a strict quality approach and are regularly submitted to an independent control of their services. They respond at the best the tourists expectations. Always attentive to visitors, they commit to propose: a warm and customized welcome, understandable and precise information, clean and comfortable places and their local knowledge.


Initiated by the collaboration of “les Amis de la Bibliothèque municipale” (Association of friends of the city library) and the Jules Verne museum, this magazine is funded by the City of Nantes and published by the Coiffard Editions. “The title, Planet Jules Verne, filed by the City of Nantes, sums up perfectly the idea that we are interested in the author's life and work, but also in all that is inspired by Jules Verne in this world nowadays”, states Jean-Yves Paumier, editor-in-chief.

N°1: main file about the Ariane Mnouchkine theatre play “The castaways of the Fol espoir”

N°2: main theme “Ecology in Jules Verne's work”

N°3: Trip to Russia, on the footsteps of “Michel Strogoff”




Every summer, the Jules Verne museum unites with the Voyage à Nantes and offers a temporary exhibition setting a new and curious look upon the city.

2014 Edition: The invisible frontier, Olga Boldyreff exhibition

Directed by Jean Blaise, the Local Public Society “Le Voyage à Nantes” is meant to promote the cultural offer of the city of Nantes, and to make of Nantes Métropole an attractive destination. To do so, through a very unique plan, the structure organizes a summer event every year: it is an urban course punctuated by many works of Art, temporary or not, throughout the city.

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